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More than ten years old of
providing expert financial

We've been reaching our
work to be excellent.

We've been working with one
aim to help you succeed
and fund your dreams.

Our aim is to provide services that are unique in our sector. We do not compare us to other consulting firms. We have been reaching to show up in overflown industry that finds not much time to get acquainted with its clients.


Broker’s analysis is based on technical, fundamental, computer or complex researches. It’s hard to get it all clear for newcomer without special training. If you finish our special courses and put value on traders’ advices, you’ll have a chance to earn real money on Forex. Since the first days of your training you would had a try to tender under the care of experienced trader. As soon as you get concrete items that are able to open and close a position, you’ll understand how to get supreme profit from things happening in financial world.

Do not forget that no way out situations don’t exist. We offer our services for plunged into difficulty clients too. If you’re stuck on position, got in losing entrepot or if you don’t know the way to go beyond, keep your eyes on the prize. We’ll help you to solve any financial problem with minimum risk. We have twenty-four-hour and real-time customer support . Real-time support offers chats, SMS-subscritions or expert’s reports on Trading Group site.

What we provide

We provide wide service’s specter that is needful for newcomer brokers. Consultations are held by professional traders. If you try to enter financial world, they’ll help you to avoid hidden pitfalls. Experienced traders will form up a trade plan and strategy of successful entering to broker’s board  together with you. They’ll also find various ways how to exit it.


To the end of training course you will know everything about indicators and trending lines. We point out creating correct trade plan with the help of available financial market analysis tools. Course will help you to prepare trade strategy and teach how to make balanced decisions in financial market. It will also help you to keep track of positions correctly.

Why you should choose us?


We have more that 10 years experience of providing and supporting financial services.


Young, enthusiastic professional team is always ready to help you.

We are responsible

We present authoritative answers and advices from personal finances to investments.


In our industry a quick response time plus an attention to detail are of crucial importance. Through their professionalism and expertise Trading Group consistently excelled. Guys did a risk assessment of potential future needs and how we could plan for them. They bring a wealth of knowledge as well as a personal touch so often missing.

Robert Thornton — London

Despite all problems or questions, you were always there to help me. I appreciate your service, quality product and comprehensive approach in any aspects.

Nina Mironovna – Moscow

Support is always on top. We’re regular clients and it was, maybe, the best decision we’ve ever done! Our company appreciate your help and excellent work.

Nicolai Leonovich – Saint Petersburg

As soon as you enter our door, you will understand that we always serve interests of out clients.

Financial consultation and structuring

Our relations with clients are strong established and wide used after theirs creating.

We're glad when you succeed

We have experience of great companies from Wall-Street, but we provide our service on individual level.

Do you think that you need professional advice?

Ir’s easy to understand and bring to life. If you have questions, just call us.

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We conducted master classes

WARNINGTrading financial tools is risky business activity and it can generate profits and inflict losses. Amount of possible losses is limited by amount of deposit.

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