Opening trading account

Opening trading account

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What is a trading account? This tool is necessary for the client to make financial transactions on the Forex. A trading account is opened by a trader in the Trading Group. Its opening is the deposit cash into a deposit with the subsequent purpose of selling or buying currency forex.

How to register an account

  • It is necessary to accept the terms of the agreement on conducting trading procedures. The client’s signature on such a contract is not required, but the document has legal force, as well as any other agreement signed between the parties.
  • It is necessary to fill in a special registration form, which takes a minimum of time. The the information necessary for the trade will be sent to the specified e-mail address.
  • Next, you need to get a number (login) for the account that is being generated and access (password) for entering the Personal Area. Merchant data is also necessary for the implementation of financial transactions in the trading terminal.
  • Enter the code of the client mobile phone as a codeword. This is necessary for making calls to the technical support service or to the department of dealers.
  • The PIN-code is necessary to confirm the application for withdrawal of funds from your account.
  • After crediting funds to a trading account you’ll be able to conduct financial transaction. Deposit must be replenished by at least 1000 dollars.
  • Then you can install the trading terminal on your personal computer or smartphone and make trade transactions.

Advantages of Trading Group in front of competitors at Forex

  • We are recognized as the leader among the brokers of the highest level.
  • The trading conditions of our company are individually tailored for each partner.
  • We give the opportunity to conduct money transactions with the lowest amount (cent account).
  • Trading Group develops the most convenient and useful services, so that trading is comfortable and most effective.
  • We teach clients all the stages of trading, starting from the use of the terminal to the completion of trade transactions and the development of strategies.
  • You are provided with all the necessary information.
  • We offer multifunctional online Trading Group charts for a full-fledged technical analysis.
  • You will be able to participate in contests and promotions, which our company regularly arranges for both beginners and traders with experience.
  • You get a huge number of cash bonuses only with us.