Help in opening transaction

Help in opening transaction

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Trading Group offers its assistance in opening deals. To understand all the advantages of this procedure you should familiarize yourself with it more closely.

Procedure for opening positions

How to enter the market or open a new currency position? This process involves the initial purchase or sale of a certain number of financial instruments.

Disclosure of positions or entry into the market is available through the execution of market orders (orders for sale) or in the automatic performance of a deferred order.

Market order

If you need to open a cell (position) by means of a market order, you have to follow the following steps: go to the menu, select the “Tools” tab and create a “New order”. Here are things that are important to specify during the opening of the cell:


Select the money instruments with which the position will be opened.


Specify the number of lots of the transaction.

Take profit

You can tick the level of Take Profit if you want to.

Stop loss

It is necessary to establish a Stop Loss order. It is important to know that if the orders Take Profit and Stop Loss have zero values, then they aren’t installed at all.

A comment

You can write a comment whose length can’t exceed 25 alphabetic or numeric values. In turn, the broker company can add 6 more symbols to the client’s comment  or replace the entire text of the offer. If the position is open, you can’t change the comment.

Use of the maximum deviation from the requested price

(Disable or enable the deviation). In case when the broker issues an updated cost of execution (re-quoting), it is possible to calculate the deviation of the new value from the initial requested one. If the deviation is equal to or smaller than the specified parameter, the prescription is executed at a new cost without additional notifications. In the opposite case, the broker returns the updated prices. The warrant can be executed on them.

Sum of the greatest deviation

This concept implies the magnitude of the possible deviation of value in several points.

After reading and filling all the items, you should click the “Buy” or “Sell” button. After that, the broker will be sent an order to open the short or long position.

In the case if the Take Profit or Stop Loss levels are too close to the current value, you will receive a message – “Wrong T / P or S / L”. In this situation, you need to move the levels from the current value and repeat sending the request to the warrant.

The trading position will open after your broker in the Trading Group will install Take Profit and Stop Loss and make a financial transaction. On the insert “Terminal-Trade” you will see the line of the position of the currency position. If you have the function “Show Trading Levels” in advance, then the chart will show the opening prices of Take Profit and Stop Loss. You can make a procedure for opening deals yourself or with the help of  Trading Group qualified specialists.