Technical market analysis

Technical market analysis

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One of the important tools for traders is technical analysis. This study allows the client to better navigated and understand the market situation.
Technical analysis from Trading Group will provide the necessary information for making deals, making important decisions and will allow you to see the outlook and the perspective of financial flows. You will be able to make trading profitable and safe having studied the work of all technical analysis indicators. The most important thing is that you can understand the market.

  • Find the most accurate points (input / output);
  • Determine the change in the direction of prices;
  • Learn how to use all methods to minimize risks;

The Trading’s group tech analysis consists of several important features that make it possible to guarantee real profits. Thereby you will be able to close the deal right after the trend’s appearing or you’ll have the time to close it before deal will turn away from you.


The analysis that is published should contain all the tools for the production of profitable work:

  • The text of the forecast of the technical survey itself;
  • An example of markup that is required for downloading through the terminal;
  • A marked chart for the currency pair.

These elements enable the best way to identify all the indicators and their signals to make the right decision in trading.

New technical analysis of Trading Group

A technical analysis of the classic example has a large number of supporters (adepts) at the moment. Therefore, there is a lot of literature in which this topic is well revealed. For example, Murphy, Schwager, Neumann and many other authors wrote a lot about this analysis.

Unfortunately this information is obsolete or very vague. You will almost know what is written in the other after reading one manual. Most scientists “dig” in the field of new indicators, but so far in vain.

The Trading Group company decided to try another tack. We studied all the multi-year experience in technical analysis and took new steps in its development.