Types of accounts

Types of accounts

by admin

Everyone can generate profits from financial operations. Trading Group offers the most effective and comfortable conditions for ones who wants to increase capital many times more. Before you start financial operations, you have to create your own account. Trade account will let you to conduct providing financial operations transactions.

We can offer you three types of user accounts:

  • Silver (up to 20 k monetary units).
  • Gold (from 20 to 50 monetary units).
  • Platinum (from 50 monetary units).

Every type of accounts has its own special aspects and characteristics.

It’s necessary to look into all these types to select the most profitable for you. Their features are spreads, instuments, commission, technology of performance customers operations and so on. It is important to note that firstly you have to examine what trade platform every proposed accounts work on.

You can use chat or contact our specialist by specified on site phones to promptly determine all questions.

Attention! Before starting conducting operations with non-deliverable OTC-traded instrumentarium, you should know that you’ll not only generate profits. There’s also a risk to inflict losses. All dealings with basic resources are connected with risks to lose lots of money, as  they are carried by conducting financial operations.

It’s important to remember, who owns information, owns everything! Main components to success are advancing of your personal informative level, attainment financial literacy, acquiring of knowledge, connected with objective laws and principles of conducting financial operations on any trade market.